REVIEW: GIGA Lounger CL1 — Self-Inflating Lounger

GIGA Lounger: Automatic Inflatable Lounger

With 3 sons, we are always running out of seats — especially at the beach or in the backyard. The GIGA Lounger is a great way to add temporary seating and lounging anywhere in seconds. From the size of a small beach bag, the GIGA Lounger is an inflatable chaise lounge chair with a built in electric pump.

GIGA Lounger: Automatic Inflatable Lounger

When I first received the GIGA Lounger, there weren’t any instructions. And to be honest I was a little confused .But with a 2 second Google search I realized that the GIGA Lounger was extremely well built, durable, water-resistant, and can withstand the abuse of 3 boys jumping on it from the top of a couch without a problem.

The included AirVorTech electric air pump is such a great addition to the GIGA Lounger. With 3 sons, it is really hard to always remember air pumps, batteries, charging, etc — so the AirVorTech rechargable air pump being built into the GIGA Lounger is a huge bonus. Moreover, there is a USB power bank built into the AirVorTech electric air pump. If you’re at the beach and don’t want to bring an extra power bank, you’re in luck — the GIGA Lounger has you covered.

GIGA Lounger: Automatic Inflatable Lounger AirVorTech Electric Air Pump

In real life, I let the GIGA Lounger charge via the USB port for about 2 hours. I’m not sure if that is fully charged or partially charged, there isn’t a power indicator that I found. With that said, I have left the GIGA Lounger in the living room for over 2 months and my sons have been inflating the GIGA Lounger dozens of times. Not from 0, but they would inflate it every few days when some of the air got punched out! Technically, the GIGA Lounger can inflate an empty lounger at least 25 times on one charge. I haven’t charged the GIGA Lounger a second time in over 2 months, I love it.

GIGA Lounger: Automatic Inflatable Lounger

The GIGA Lounger is surprisingly comfortable. A lot of inflatable air mattresses are not comfortable to me. But the GIGA Lounger has a soft body shaped wave which encourages relaxing. In fact, my 3 year old got a cold from school and was stuffy. He was resting and decided to lay on the GIGA Lounger, after about 10 minutes I noticed he was asleep and slept comfortably for an hour — which he hadn’t been able to do lying flat. I don’t recommend anyone use the GIGA Lounger for younger children, but it is so comfortable even a stuffy and sick 3 year old was able to sleep comfortably!

GIGA Lounger: What’s in the box?!

In the end, the GIGA Lounger exceeded my expectations. But it isn’t cheap, the GIGA Lounger is for sale via Indiegogo: for $89 -you can choose between red, orange, blue, and lime green. I received the navy blue version and it is discreet enough to hide away but good looking enough to not be an eye sore. For $96 you can get the GIGA Lounger with a water resistant Light Kit to get the party started by lighting up the inside of your GIGA Lounger. There are more packages including the Family Kit for $296 which includes 3 GIGA Loungers.

If you are interested in more pumps and products from GIGA Lounger’s parent company, Micronovely, check out my review of the GIGA Pump 2.0:

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Brady Betzel

Multimedia Production, Post Production, and Prosumer Equipment Reviews and Information

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